UltraHex Titanium

Normal titanium oxidises over time and scratches easily, which is why we added REISE's very own UltraHex coating that is Anti-Scratch. This way, we were able to create an ultra-light field watch that can withstand all the bumps along the way while still looking new in years to come. Titanium has the highest weight-to-strength ratio of all known metals while still being 30% lighter than stainless steel. This hypoallergenic material is nickel-free and safe to be worn 24/7. The titanium we use to forge the watch case are also used in airframes, aircraft engines, and marine parts; good weldability and corrosion resistance are its distinguishing characteristics. 

The Movement

The star of the show, the SII NH35A requires close to zero maintenance and has a way lower failure rate compared to Swiss movement. We wanted to make a watch that is beyond reliable, one that is well-engineered, well-designed and well-priced. This movement achieves this reliability by having a relatively lower beat rate (6 beats per second). The NH35A is also popular enough that any spare parts will be available for several decades.

Sapphire Crystal with Super-AR

One of the most celebrated features of the Resolute collection is the superior clarity of the dial. Made with top grade sapphire crystal with Super-AR (anti-reflective) coating, you’ll feel like you can reach through the crystal and touch the dial with your fingers. The Resolute comes with 10-12 coats of AR, while most other watches on the market only come with 2-3 coats. 

Swiss Superluminova

Two-Tone C3 & BGW9